Sat Nam Rasayan®:

Sat Nam RasayanŽ is an ancient yogic healing modality that shifts blocks we have. Through the consciousness, in a transcendent meditative state, SNRŽ can dissolve resistance to the flow of life. Whether a person has issues with physical health, emotional or mental well-being, or spiritual angst, SNRŽ addresses the root cause that holds us in a position that is limiting us.

Family Constellations:

In families there is a give and take, an inner harmony, a balance, a sense of belonging. When someone in the family is excluded or not given equal rights to belong to the family, someone in a later generation may become identified with that person and will start to act out that same situation. This is called an entanglement. Through family constellations it is possible to evolve the relationships to a place of resolution. Bert Hellinger realized that children, out of love, take on these entanglements. To depict family dynamics, representatives for family members throughout the generations are positioned how the person experiences the relationships. That image is then transformed to a new image, a new family mandala, of how the relationships can be when they are more in balance.

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation:

The practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation gives us flexibility on all levels, supports the health of our glandular system, and can be applied to where we are in life. Yogi Bhajan taught specific Kundalini yoga sets and meditations to release fear, to strengthen the abdomen, for the chakras, to drop anxiety, for insecurity, and many other issues that life in the 21st century presents.


Healing Approaches
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