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Sat Nam Dear Lady, I can not tell you how much my healing work has changed since the workshop you gave. Working with the element earth has healed unresolved back issues I have had for the past 5 years. I was not feeling supported by God. Once I started to experience the Earth element I had a physical experience of God supporting me which shifted the pain in my back....Blessings

DM, Healer, Yoga Teacher, Manager of a Yoga center, Intuitive Reader

Sat Nam Hargopal, I just wanted to say that it was an incredibly powerful and deep class last night... but then, there have been so many, that there may not be any need to continue with these emails of praise. Also, you are intuitive and you were in the zone as well, so no surprises here, but thanks anyway for a great class!

RC, Entrepreneur

You are my "growth" counselor, my "oracle", my "guide" on this strange journey ..However this journey ends, I will never forget all I've learned from you. Many thanks,

MO, Jewelry Sales

Dear Hargopal, A lady I met on a fertility forum (M was her name but I don't know if that was her full name) shared your information with a few of us a few months ago. I would love the opportunity to do a session with you.
A subsequent email from S: Thanks Hargopal. I will be in contact to schedule one more session but will have to wait until my next pay period. Will be in touch. Also, the lady who recommended me to you (M - was her screen name) got pregnant the same cycle she had a session with you. I don't know if she has been in touch with you yet but she said she would.

SA, occupation unknown

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