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Hi Hargopal, I just wanted to tell you how well E did after her remote. She got an A on her English paper, 100% (and the highest grade) on her bio final, an A- on her history final (which was impossibly difficult), B on her ASL final and a C on her math final.

The above is the order in which she took them. She was both relaxed and prepared for the first three. By the last two, she was fried and losing confidence - plus those two teachers did no prep. So it was vague what and how to study.

Still, the whole experience has made her a more confident person who is much less reluctant to study, more likely to ask for help when needed, and more interested in succeeding at school. She's still the same old hyper, compulsive, sleep walking girl - but thanks to SNR she could relax and focus long enough to prove that she's also smart. Take care,

AD, playwright, theater owner

Sat Nam Hargopal, The healing that happened in class has worked magic on E. He has been able to fall asleep for his two naps and at night all by himself. The two naps were with much less struggle than yesterday and the night was super easy. His first nap was for 1 hr 45 mins, which so rarely happens. Thank you so much for facilitating the magic. I was able to do work and meditate this morning. such a rare treat. I hope this continues =).
Thanks again for the powerful healing. much love,

SP, Teacher, Mother

The workshop you held on Saturday was so powerful! It shifted so much for me and I feel that I gained some significant insight. You are an incredible healer.

EL, Yoga Teacher, Retail Sales, Public Relations

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